We are a company specialized in creating and operating strategies for the acquisition of talent.

What does your organization need: to recruit or to strengthen its talent attraction strategy based on the integration of processes and the use of new technologies?

Recruitment campaigns

Our goal is to solve the critical point of the recruitment and selection process by finding the correct profile through digital and standardized processes quickly and at fair prices. We have the necessary experience and a portfolio of services and products ranging from looking for a specific professional, with hunting methodologies, to developing a recruiting project for a high volume of vacancies.

Recruitment Marketing for the acquisition of Talent

Technology. Automation. Digitization. The demand to innovate the way of working for the areas of talent acquisition in organizations has never been greater. Today’s companies are beginning to develop and integrate technological tools to achieve their objectives.

Lhramericas offers a four-stage methodology to achieve the articulation of the global strategy for attracting talent by using the concept “Recruitment marketing”. With the integration and efficiency of its technological tools, we hope to achieve optimal operational levels in your talent attraction campaigns.

Technologies and automation

How to start integrating your job portal and job posting digitally?

We have a solution to publish vacancies in multichannels through the integration of Linkedin, local job portals and the Facebook and Google Jobs channels. You can then evaluate and manage the process through our ATS RIS® that will help you simplify processes and create an experience for your candidates.


Being objective when evaluating a group of candidates is essential in order to make the best decision.

Our experience in hundreds of processes for various companies, sectors and job levels have allowed us to design and apply various assessment methodologies such as: the assessment of competences, assessment center, structured and in-depth interviews, study cases, the interview of motivators and interests, high Potential.


Business decisions that lead to a reduction in the size of a work team create fear and uncertainty. This situation must be confronted by the Human Talent areas by offering useful tools to face new scenarios in employment transition.

En Lhramericas hemos construido con base en la experiencia un programa de transición laboral que se fundamenta en el marketing personal como el eje central que se debe poner en marcha para potenciar el proceso.

At Lhramericas, we have built, based on experience, an employment transition program that is based on personal marketing as the central axis that must be implemented to enhance the process.